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Pitbulls in the Nursery - Lunatic
Virulence - A Conflict Scenario
Infernal Poetry - Beholding the Unpure
Hieronymus Bosch - The Human Abstract
Visceral Bleeding - Transcend Into Ferocity
Lex Talionis - Inhuman Violence
Karnak - Melodies of Sperm Composed
Sons of Chaos - Dawn of the Apocalypse
Dungortheb - Intended To
Natron - Negative Prevails
Neuraxis - Truth Beyond...
Esqarial - Inheritance
Spiritual Dissection - The Dark Side Of Mankind
Xhzenat - Meanness
Disembarkation - Rancorous Observision

Originally Posted by moe_blunts
oh lord vehemence is just a little bitch, but you'll get used to him. fact of the matter is he listens to better music than at least 80% of the people who post on this forum. listen to him and you might learn something.

Daz rite, biznatch!

Listen to this band or die.
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