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From what I know of the music business which isn't a whole lot. This is how I understand things.. Small bands that get signed to small labels make their money off cd's.. The label pays for the them to go into Venues and play.. like Ohio Death Fest.. Milwaukee Metal fest.. Stuff like that. The bands don't get a cut at the door at Venue's they get free food.. Free beer what ever.. And when small signed bands play at gigs it's basically the same way.. They get a small cut at the door and really don't make much money. It all depends on the label I guess. All label's are different. When you get to the bigger bands.. The label pays for studio time and you have to pay for distributor costs.. Manger costs.. label costs.. you have to repay the studio from album costs for what you used basically.. Labels are almost like a loan company.. they front the money for you to go into the studio and you have to pay them back for that.. That's why alot of bands don't record alot.. It's expensive.. which i'm sure you guys know that.
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