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Originally Posted by TangledMortalCoil
I've seen people buy 7-string packs and toss out the high E and just use the B to B. This might give you some more variety in the gauge ranges that are available for tunings like B.

thats exactly like buying 11-54's except for a minor gauge difference on the 2nd and 3rd strings between different manufacturers

Originally Posted by 4d5e6f
How much tighter are Dean Markleys? Wouldn't the greater tension make them higher pitched, meaning you'd need to lower your tension even more?

i think he meant greater tension compared to pitch, as in they feel tighter than other strings in the same tuning... so no... it shouldnt higher the pitch, because its the same tuning
Originally Posted by Dahmers Fridge
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I was very bemused as a youngster watching the Golden Girls when Blanche said she was going to "spank her fanny" I had visions of a geriatric vertical bacon sandwich red and bruised from being disciplined!!!
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