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Originally Posted by Soeru
Btw anyone here actually play baritone guitars?

i played the old schecter scorpion baritone a while back... it was fucking insane. The frets were really far apart (im used to 24.75), and the strings were thick as fuck. It reminded me of bass strings, no joke. You would think they'd feel real tight, but the strings had a little more slack than i was used to. Lots of fun though, incredibly awesome to play... especially through the 6505 they had in the store... i just played old arch enemy until my fingers hurt... it was sweet.

Originally Posted by k13m
you know whats so lame, y put even thicker strings on a baritone?? when you have a 27'' scale it will already tighten the strings, i dont realy get that.

The 2 inches of increase (give or take) don't tighten the strings that much, especially for the low tuning it uses... that, and regular strings would be impossible to intonate on a larger scale... the tune-o-matic would be 2 inches away from where it woudl need to be! ... So, you get strings with a mass appropriate to the needed intonation scale.
Originally Posted by Dahmers Fridge
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