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Originally Posted by Casketcrusher
I used to use 13-56s for one of my guitars tuned to B bu then changed it to DR High Beams 10-52 Light and Heavy. It actually works fine. A lot of people disagree but Nile use 10 or 11s but use a 56 I belive for the low A.

it explains why their vibrato is so wide... and their high notes sound so flimsy... but hey, high strings tend to keep tension better than the low ones....
Originally Posted by Dahmers Fridge
In the US "fanny" is a word used to describe the ass or butt. Here in the UK "fanny" is a lady garden (vagina)
I was very bemused as a youngster watching the Golden Girls when Blanche said she was going to "spank her fanny" I had visions of a geriatric vertical bacon sandwich red and bruised from being disciplined!!!
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