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Originally Posted by Soeru
Aha cool, I just got thrown off because you mentioned cabs in the original post, hence making me think you were micing it.

I've got an old Digitech RP1(ancient multifx processor) on top of my comp, I just hook it out with a 1/8" audio cable right from the "phones" jack into my computer's line in jack(no converters or anything). Sounds like crap but it works OK. :P It has midi ins and outs(and thru(?)), I would borrow a cable to try the midi thing myself if I had midi jacks on my soundcoard.

What do you use for recording? Cubase? And what drum machine app you using?

Ahhh....I can see how you would get confused from when I mentioned cabs. The cabs I mentioned are just cab options I can choose on the v-amp pro to give it different tones.

I use Mixcraft for recording and Beatcraft for the drum machine. You can buy them both together to like $70 or something as a bundul package. Check them out here:

No cubase for me or any other expensve stuff. I just tweak the hell out of what I got and I love it.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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