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Originally Posted by jackson_metal_head
Ok, im just about to go and buy one, id just like to ask How you connect it to the computer, (ie is it via firewire or midi)

Also i spoke to the dude in the shop and he said it was just a poweramp, i will be using the preamp off my current head but id be interested to know how you run it.

Thansk alot mate.

All you will need is the V-Amp Pro, 2 midi cables and the free software from the behringer website and that is it. No need to your your preamp at all. Go directly from your guitar into the v-amp pro and then into your sound cards line in. I have a M-Audio sound card but I started off with a standard sound card and that should work pretty decent for you.

You will need to make sure your computer has midi conections, mine did not and that is why I upgraded to the M-Audio soundcard.

What is your email address and I will email you the patch for the V-Amp pro I use.

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