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Originally Posted by Infinity
Yes time to give everyone their presents again! And seeing guitar demon isn't around to often these days I thought I'd make the thread instead.

AndrewC - Tickets to adelaide.

Tullie - You get a ticket to Australia to join my band and guess what the also told me you can get a transfer to one of the ice cream parlours here so your not out of a job either.

Sam [not transient] - I give you a job working for major labels as a graphix and website designer, including band logos and album art, plus a state of the art computer with like Adobe Photoshop Xthousand.

Marino - I bought you tickets to a private show from Cannibal Corpse, backstage pass and 20 tag along passes for your friends.

Timothina - I make you a Magical pendant to ressurect Gorguts for one final show in Melbourne.

Johnmansley - I give you a calculator. Yeah... An enchanted one. Signed by Dillinger Escape Plan and Anata. And it has special buttons for the sole purpose of typing Nile on the screen when you hold it upside down.

Slabbefusk - You get a new photo of suddam hessein in a santa claus hat.

Cunty Shunt, you get an audition for Hellnation, dont blow it, my credability is on the line here.

YOURGODISDEAD, you get like, private marathon lessons so you can beat someone haha

TMfreak and Grafcore, you guys get a packet of condoms and some peanut butter.

k13m - Roadie position for Hate Eternals next tour.

Lbxxx - Sundial.

And probably last but not least, Siggi, you get a kick in the arse from shady uncle steve!

Theres prolly more that deserve presents from me, but thats too bad!

Oh, just forget me then.
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