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1)My BC Rich NJ Ironbird with OFR and active EMGs, love it to death. And the rare blue and red quilt top finishes it also comes in. I'd kill for one.

2)My dream axe = custom shop BCR Ironbird with grey quilt top, alder body, ebony board, MOP diamond inlays, bindng, Original floyd rose, black hardware, Custom Dimarzios, alder body and BOLT ON 24 fret XJ 25.5 scale neck(yes, I prefer it over neckthru).

I don't care for Ran much anymore because it's gonna be so expensive by the time I decide to go for a custom that I'd just rather get a REALDEAL BCR Ironbird.

3)My Ibanez Universe UV7BK.

4)Dean Cadillac Black Gold or Tiger Eye finish. Cause I don't like LP's.

5)A BCR Mockingbird Classic. For less metal stuff.

Yeah I'm not much of a Fender duder, I gotta have humbuckers even for non metal shit.
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