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Originally Posted by JacksonGuitars07
it certainly appears he is. most people go through a phase. they either fall in love with metalcore (early a7x, killswitch engage) or numetal (slipknot). he'll discover real metal when the time comes. i think bands like avenged sevenfold are great gateway bands that get people to search for bands of the same origin that are MUCH more talented. Its like when I used to like slipknot, i soon wanted heavier and more technical stuff to listen to (didn't take long) so I discovered children of bodom and necrophagist. And recently its been about cynic, disgorge, and devourment.

Metalcore was my gateway but i still like it even though i listen faster stuff.

Lately Black and Tech Death Metal, like DragonLord, and im prob gonna pick up Nile's AoTW.
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