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Originally Posted by johnmansley
Fucking right.

Tmfreak: Artists do make money from albums: the record deal advance they receive is basically cash for future sales of their albums. The record company claw some of it back by taking a larger cut of the ensuing royalties in the early stages of an album's release to guard against poor sales and not breaking even. Once the break even point is met, the royalties then begin to flow to the band (less the label's cut, of course).

But you are correct in saying that the money that generally sustains a band derives from merchandise bought at shows - although most bands struggle to break even from tours once sustenance and essentials are paid for.

I should have been slightly clearer. Sure they make "money" but generally its enough to substain cd production.

And to CTL. Other than the fact that thats not neccesarily the case anymore you're still right. Its part of the way it goes. If you want to attempt to go through the wickens to download a game, be prepared for the side effects that could happen as a result, especially if you have no idea what you're doing. And personally to me if you don't know what you're doing.. stay the hell off a computer. k?
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Originally Posted by Darko
...Its very annoying to keep having to hear some socially-disabled teen come on these boards talking about all the drugs he's started doing so that he can maybe grasp onto some kind of positive response so he feels better about himself and what he's doing.
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