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Originally Posted by tmfreak
Its alot more complicated than you and others make it seem.

I don't PLAN on getting too involved into this topic, but to simply regard file sharing over the internet as.. nothing but something negative, would literally be telling almost every fucking band you listen to, to go fuck off. Seriously. I would venture to say THOUSANDS of bands have flourish and EXIST as a result of the internet and file swapping.

Its a known fucking fact artists don't make their money on cds. Thats a fact. I've read it again and again and again. They make off of merchandise at shows and through their own stores. To sit here and say "i'm so righteous because i actually bought the cd" well i say you can go fuck yourself (not so much attacking you CTL, but just saying it in general).

I guess I didn't see it like that. You have a good point.

And I agree about the whole "righteous" thing most people have. The biggest reason I'd say I prefer to buy the cd's as opposed to file sharing or even burning them off of a friend (I have done it before, and some of them don't come out right) is.... as far as musical quality, how good the music is, you may not know, but you are more than likely guarenteed that it will actually work. With file sharing, you may end up getting a shitload of spyware programs along with whatever you intended to get. KAZAA, which I mainly used to download anime music videos and not actual songs, completely destroyed our old computer . You can't open so much as a folder without it freezing on you. And with burning CD's from friends, you don't know if it will come out right. My Metallica S&M album was burnt off of a friend, and his copy of the second disc was so scratched up that half the songs skip or won't play.

Keep checking for new crap.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
It's really sad, all those people who don't understand why we shouldn't act like our enemies. The real victory is not only killing and imprisoning the terrorists, but also letting civilized manners override the lust for revenge, once the battle is over.
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