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Originally Posted by CompelledToLacerate
Wouldn't affect me much since I don't download mp3's.

In my opinion, this whole issue with file sharing is ridiculous. Yeah, it's evil and corrupt the way the RIAA is suing people for downloading songs through file sharing, but it's not the end of the world.

And one question. Call me an idiot if it's needed, but last time I checked, if you buy an item, keep the receipt, and are unsatisfied, you could return it for either store credit or your own money. So the only thing you'd be wasting buying a cd you don't like is the time it took to get up off your ass (excuse the bluntness), go to the store, and get the cd.

Its alot more complicated than you and others make it seem.

I don't PLAN on getting too involved into this topic, but to simply regard file sharing over the internet as.. nothing but something negative, would literally be telling almost every fucking band you listen to, to go fuck off. Seriously. I would venture to say THOUSANDS of bands have flourish and EXIST as a result of the internet and file swapping.

Its a known fucking fact artists don't make their money on cds. Thats a fact. I've read it again and again and again. They make off of merchandise at shows and through their own stores. To sit here and say "i'm so righteous because i actually bought the cd" well i say you can go fuck yourself (not so much attacking you CTL, but just saying it in general).

There has been a BEYOND bigger impact to the music scene (especially as WE all know it, NOT pop stars and FAMOUS people) as a result of file sharing. The only reason this is even a fucking topic is because of greedy ass whiney bastards like Metallica and the RIAA want to manipulate and twist the facts to suit them.

Side tangent from purely music but onto the aspect of video games and applications. I've been downloading warez for over 10 years now. Over 10 fucking years. I've seen the entire thing progress from random websites to what it is today. To say that these companies are LOSING money as a result of American piracy is complete and total bullshit. Sure they might lose "SOME" profit as a result of somebody not buying. But they would like to twist the facts just like the RIAA in order for them to seem like the poor and defenseless. Now there is a HUGE difference between your standard american or swedish piracy and..... Chinese piracy. Piracy in china is RIDICULOUS. First of all there is substational markets for selling the merchandise. That highly leads to lose profits, because it creates it brings the same product to the consumer at cheaper prices. As with american piracy its not brought to the consumer and sometimes is hella annoying to get.

Also Back on what i was going to say about false lost profits. Its almost painfully obvious to see that just because somebody downloads something doesn't mean that they were going to buy then now or ever, yet they still constitute as "money taken." Thats just twisting the reality to suit their most desired needs. To honestly sit here and say that the current system of consumer/producer buying software is just fine and dandy, is completely and total bullshit. Its just the same thing as everything else. It needs progression. What i mean by this is for instance i watched some CHEESY ASS anti-piracy video from 1992 or somethin earlier today and it pissed me off, because it said.. that (in mid RAP.. ha..) something like buying a game tells the maker you want more.

What if i bring it home and its just horrible? Fuck them. I dont' want them to make more, or even approve of it. Its the kind of relationship where they put stuff out and you take chances on it. They put it at high fucking prices that its not worth taking "chances" with.

Annnnnyways. let me step off my rant horse.. ha.
In short. For much more things than i've said here, (i've only scratched the basic surface) file sharing, and piracy effects have (in my opinion) done much more and continue to do much more good than negatives.
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