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Sure, why not, I'm for many aspects of file sharing.

File sharing was how I first dicovered a lot of the music I listen to now, and if it weren't for it I wouldn't have found death metal as readily as I did then (back in like 2000/2001). Also, as a spinoff of that I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have picked up a guitar if it weren't for an interest in the music that I found via filesharing. One of the first was Iniquity, then Nile etc. I don't download music that often anymore, unless its to preview an new album or whatever, because now I own a large portion of the music I downloaded in the past (although I have like 2100 songs on my ipod, some cd's some shit I haven't been able to buy).

So even though I download shit, most of it is stuff I plan to buy or want to buy; for instance I have songs by sleep terror right now that were downloaded, but I intend on (as soon as I find a place I can buy Sleept Terror at) buying sleep terror's albums, because they are a good band and I do want to support such acts (also by buying shirts, etc which I do as well). It makes sense to me, previewing music before hand. Also, buying the cd makes me feel a little better as the I have a tangible object to point to. I have a list of albums I need to get but can't find at the moment, so I still use mp3s I've downloaded. I'm sure this isn't a foreign concept to people here; at least I hope. Also being strapped for cash sometimes doesn't help; + cd's are over priced, especially metal cds which are usually $22.95 cnd instead of say a mainstream artist's album which is like $11.95 to $15.00, due to the low demand for large amounts of metal cd's I asume.

It's the same for comedy series in .avi or .mpg. For ATHF (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), I wanted to watch a lot of the episodes without having to wait till friday every week, so I downloaded most of the episodes, and ended up really liking the show. Eventually I went out and bought all 4 volumes of ATHF, and I dont regret it. Same thing for Harvey Birdman, when the new season is released on dvd I'll buy it, because before hand I've downloaded almost all of the second season epidsodes. I may not do this for EVERYTHING I download, but a significant section of what I download I eventually buy.

Ofcourse it depends on the music you download, I think. If you're only downloading mainstream, cookie cutter 'artists' that make a fair amount of money through means other than just cds (like their clothing lines, posters, maybe even dolls), then I don't see a huge loss to the 'artist', especially because most of the people downloading that shit most likely do go out and buy it anyway. If its something that may take some actualy talent, say death metal or other forms of metal, or hell even classical music, than it may be more harmful to those artists than the mainstream. But I'm pretty sure most underground artists don't have a big problem with file sharing, as they know how useful it can be, especially to reacha broader audience (although I have no concrete examples come to mind at the moment).

Just to clarify, I'm against the 'Internet 2' agenda that the article points to.
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