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Originally Posted by USS
You cannot come back to the note indeed, but as you have completed the row, you can turn the row, so for example C F# G E A B Bb Db Eb G# D F can then after the F turn to F D G# Eb Db Bb B A E G F# C and can then from the C agayn three times be repeated. That is also possible in dodecaphonics. I call it the lobster technique, I do not know whether it is the official name for such composing technique or not.
I doubt if "lobster" technique is an official name...

I realise the tone-row is subject to all kinds of manipulation once established, but you found the quote in wiki that confirmed my understanding of it.

However, we now have 3 terms to contend with, which are interconnected but may or may not be identical: "serialism", "dodecaphonics", "atonality"
(You gotta love this theory stuff... )
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