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I sent them an e-mail.

It was brought to my attention that your website,, has some of my tabs on it. I wouldn't have a problem with this except- 1. I never gave permission to whoever posted them to do so. 2. I never allow the headers to be ripped out of my tabs. I don't know who decided that I didn't deserve credit for my hard work, but I do, and as a result, I demand that my tabs be taken down from your website. I'd also highly recommend that you take down any tabs you found on, because if you don't, you'll be getting a whole lot of e-mails from a whole lot of irritated members from there. Here are my tabs-,%20Stalked%20&%20Slain%20Tab.html 107200.Pestilence%20-%20Prophetic%20Revelations%20Tab.html

I suggest any big contributors to this site go check and see how much of your plagiarized work is there and that you demand it be removed immediately.
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