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Originally Posted by davie_gravy
Melodic minor is widely used in jazz. Just look up bands like Sleep Terror or Cryptopsy. I would believe they prob utilize this scale in some form. The key is that it's still minor. You just have a major 6th and 7th instead of minors. That will get you all different chords. Just build some triads to get a feel of what the chords are like and go from there.
i dno about cryptopsy usign melodic minor, every solo of them that i know (wich is quite alot, allot more than youll find online) are all harmonic minor, with a few notes from pure minor, to compensate a few part, but thats just 3 or 4 notes in a few solos jon made...

unless you talk about the later cryptopsy, once was not album, i havent looked into that, so they might use some melodic on that album.

< no wonder hes mad!!
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