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A good grunt (or growl as it is called in this thread) needs practice. For me, it took something like four years to get one. I practice every day, no matter where, except for the classroom when I have college. People sometimes think it necessary to look strange if I do so, and they are right, but I really enjoy.
There are also some grunters you'd better not try to imitate, like Robert Westerholt of Within Temptation on their first CDs. His grunt does not make sense. It sounds more like gargling than grunts. But try some black metal bands, like Dimmu Borgir, Graveworm, BDM, and more of that kind.
By the way, the BDM screams are not difficult. Just grunt without trying to get a deep sound. Open your mouth like you are calling someone quite far away. This I hope will make you be a good screamer of BDM songs. Good luck!

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