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Originally Posted by imelijah
I dont remember the name, but 1 b2 b3 b5 5 b6 7= A Bb C Eb E F G#

This is an Indian raga scale known as "Todi That", "Mela Shubhapantuvarali", and/or "Raga Multani". Also "Gamakasamantam" and "Chromatic Lydian inverse". (Hey the names are almost better than the scale... )
Originally Posted by imelijah
I know that theoretically they have to be either naturals and flats or naturals and sharps
The rule is not sharps or flats only, but one of each note only.
So it should be A Bb C D# E F G#, as USS said.

It so happens that if you follow the "one of each note" rule with major scales, you end up with sharps only or flats only - hence the latter rule. But it doesn't apply to all scales. (Eg G harmonic minor and D harmonic minor require a mix of sharps and flats.)
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