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Originally Posted by imelijah
I dont remember the name, but 1 b2 b3 b5 5 b6 7= A Bb C Eb E F G#
I know that theoretically they have to be either naturals and flats or naturals and sharps, but because of all the chromatics in it, I didn't feel like complicating or or whatever. I doesn't matter. wierd scale. either middle eastern or latin jazzy depending on how you use it. sounds good over E(b5)

It will become A Bb C D# E F G# A, a modified minor scale. It is definitely not necessary to use only naturals and sharps or flats. With this scale, the clef will be empty (or with a flattened B), and every D and G that are sharpened will then be written with a sharp.
It is quite strange indeed. Three additions to make it sound sharper. But it is cool used in the right way indeed. We would get this sound if we turned the F# to an F in the intro melody of Metal Heart of Accept.
But I also do not know the correct name this one has. On the site of the link, it is called Mela Subhapantuvarali or Todi Theta

The correct Hungarian Minor scale is (from A):
A B C D# E F G# A
Hungarian Major:
A B# C# D# E F# G A

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