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Dodecaphonics and atonality kick ass!!

In black metal, some bands use chromatic lines ((which is half one step up or down with every note that is not thesame as the previous, with which they most of the time use every note in the octave. On (bass)guitar and on instruments with a keyboard, the enharmonic equal notes (such as F# and Gb) sound exactly thesame, but for instruments like a violin, they differ and they sound different)). For example: since Řyvind Mustaparta (a.k.a. Mustis) became part of the line-up in Dimmu Borgir, they use such chromatic lines. Examples are: 'Progenies of the Great Apocalypse', 'Blood Hunger Doctrine', 'Architecture of a Genocidal Nature', 'Blessings upon the Throne of Tyranny' (very high), IndoctriNation (very high) and Absolute Sole Right.
When you do not like a song of which a GP tab is made, you can download it and destroy it with these types of lines and with dischords, like e/f (minor second) or b/f (diminished fifth).
A friend and I for example did this with the song 'Wisemen' of James Blunt (we added loads of diminished fifths, (blocks of) seconds and made the solo a chromatic solo, so it became atonal). Everyone who wants to hear it, mayl me al with as subject: 'Kill for the Storm'. Note: it is a midi file, so GP is not required.
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