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right, so you guys kinda want the same sound, well the secret to the sounds midnight described are the pedals those guys use, it's not the amps distortion...
get a metalzone if you want to create a sortwise distortion..

in the 100 w range, I would definetly go for either a peavey bandit or a hughes and kettner tourreverb.
that's if you want a combo, if you want metalsound, you got to check these amps out!
another verrrrry good amp make for metal is Laney, not verry common, but I've heard their amps and I fell in love with them, our guitarist had an old 'Linebacker' combo, it was small but it outclassed an avt marshall 275!!!

the linebackers newer brother, the HCM120R

Laney has a really deep sounding distortion, though the controls on the amp are crappy and they look pretty cheap, but that depends on the series, the newer hardcore max series are the succesors of the linebacker series.

Laney; ----> products, 'Hardcore'
Hughes and Kettner; ----> 'attax' series
Peavey; ----> 'quicklink', guitar amps and effects.

check out those websites and form your opinion, I put my favorite on top, the laney, I have experience with all three amps, but it's also a matter of personal taste..

the amps listed above are all combo's, around 100 watts, but if you have more money to spend, the attax H&K range also has a cab/head available, so does the Laney Hardcore Max and peavey has the 5150 and the 5150II

Hm, I think that's enough advice for the moment?
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