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through the strength of few and without a base, they ravged all through pure wits and BRUTALITY. they were so sick. THEY would acutally sleep in the saddle! as some of their strategies, they would have three men to one horse, so they could scare the villagers into submission. They used fear, like terr'ists except no bombs and no religion, just conquest. They took over from china, all the way to russia, all the way to freakin hungary. they would have taken over the world, but the Great Khan is not invincible. He died at a stunning 87!! that is like being 130 yrs. old nowadays. They would have taken france and spain, but they felt without the Khan, there was no justification. There was only one Khan. They were his minions, constantly faithful. I promise, that would be a really good movie (with a non-hollywood director, and some unknown actors) I always get excited thinking about them. They ruled the civilized world of eurasia, and the western europeans were scared shitless of them and wouldn't have stood a chance
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