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Originally Posted by ZRO
Some favs...

Adrian Erlandsson
Daniel Erlandsson
Joey Jordison
Nick Barker
Jordan Mancino(sp?)
Paul from Cannibal Corpse

What is everyones opinion on these drummers?

Inferno i'm pretty fond of, tight drummer and plays up to speed live.
Adrian is great, his blasts although not really emphasised in CoF now, are still really good. His overall playing is consistent and I can't complain for his work with ATG.
Nick Barker blasts too fast, despite the use of triggers, he's ridiculous. I like his work a lot though, be it Old Mans Child, Dimmu, whatever, his ride patterns and such always add an atmosphere to the music.
Paul..I just have to say hammer blasts are ridiculous.
As for what i've heard, Daniel is also really good. I can't deny that on albums but I haven't seen Arch Enemy live.
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