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Another Bass Advise

Ok so I've been playing for over a year now on my washburn xb 100. The main problem i have is that i can't find a comfortable way to play it. If i make it hang around like my waist it's good for my left hand but i can't do much with me right arm. When i make it hang lower, like almost on out stretch of my right arm then neck of my bass, i wouldn't say dives to the floor but swings a little bit and i have to try and catch it with my left hand while trying to play and my fingers slide on high E which sometimes is heard when i use dfferent tones. So sometimes im having real pain playing stuff like BS's paranoid and Pantera's Domination cuase neck in my hand moves like a fish.

So i just wanna know if anyone had this problem? Is there a bass you could recomend me to try out? and if by chance you've played the one i have and any thoughts on it?

Mines not a large scale bass, and im 5'9 but i don't have the longest arms, i've been trying to find thunderbird to try out so is there a bass you could recomend.

by the way i play with fingers
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