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well i was being sarcastic in that last post...was gonna take pics of everyone...BUT i think thanks to fear factory and their being somewhat famous...they had some deal with the club that no "professional photography" was allowed inside. so they said i couldn't take my camera in...i said its just a personal camera and i always bring it in this place...the guy says well its a specific instruction for this show..follow me (to go ask a higher up) and she shot it down. so we (basstendencies and i) walk back to my car across the street and put it back and get back inside to watch decapitated play their last song. then we saw hypocrisy and suffocation and then we left. it was a pretty badass show....lots of fucking people there too. possibly the most crowded i've ever seen this place. so i was only able to take some pics with my cell phone...and they really really i don't think i'll even bother posting them.

on a lighter not...some drunk ass mexican guy was standing facing the wall next to steve where he could just see him in the corner of his eye. he turns and the guy is pissing right there on the wall!! steve says what the fuck are you doing!? and the guy slurs..sorry man i'm drunk and the bathrooms way over there..or something like that. then he stumbles off and these two little girls and their emo boyfriend come up and lean on the wall where the guy pissed. so steve leans over to tell one of the girls and she can't hear him but isn't sure what hes saying so sends the boyfriend with poofy hair over to see whats up.
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