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It really depends. For me I write the lyrics first then try and create a similar atmosphere in reference to the lyrical topic. Like if the song is about (just an example) being Slowly eaten alive I'm not going to write extreemly fast music I would write slow, painfully, DooM giving off the feeling of a never ending torture. It really depends. Sometimes I write riffs and then put lyrics to them but I feel writting the music based on the lyrical topic gives much more unified atmosphere and structure. I am currently writting about the film Eraserhead. Very bizzare film, so I wrote very bizzare lyrics. But in reference to the film they make sense. I am just figuring out the music itself. The film had a very slow, ambient, drone soundtrack/pace so I'd like something like that. It's an experimental film=experimental song. But it's different for different people.
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