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Bass solo's ARE cool if used in the right place.. any solo is cool if its in a place where its needed.. but it also depends what sort of band your in.. (style wise)

I used to be a mega slap player, tryed to get down all of wootens chops.. 80 percent of my playing was slap for a couple months of my playing, once you master it.. you have a big obsession with it.. but after a while slapping everything sounds stupid and you realise how pointless it is and that your hardly going to use it on a gig unless your in a level 42 tribute..

I havent practiced my slap chops in ages! but slap can be very effective in the right place and genre..

Bassist of light...I can see your reasons of hating slap, most young newb bassplayers in a music centre will be sat down infront of a amp trying to play higher ground as fast as they can, thats bloody annoying, ''look at me, look how fast i can slap!!'' .. but a lot of them mature and go back to using fingerstyle, and when needed ..throw in the odd slap lick..

I actually think the slap in dig sounds good! Ryan martinie is just displaying his technique, and making the song sound different, he is actually a very talented and original bass player if you ever get to see the dvd or deeply listen to the album LD.50 you will appreciate it, and his tone is beautiful!
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