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Ive always wanted to see Pantera live, but too bad that wont happen
Morbid Angel, again
Iron Maiden
Dying Fetus
Pink Floyd
Guns N Roses
Death, when they were around obviously
Exodus, again
Skinless, again
Behemoth,(last time I saw glimpses of them and thought they were ok, but now I'm getting more into them and want to see their full set)
Arch Enemy
Sabbath or Ozzy
Cannibal Corpse
Cephalic Carnage
In Flames
Incantation, again
Krisiun, again
Metallica, as long as they play old stuff
Putrid Pile

Those are all i can think of for now. Ive already seen some or am going to see some other bands i like, such as Aerosmith(seen), Motley Crue(seen), Six Feet Under (seen), Mortician (seen) possibly the Rolling Stones and possibly Guns N Roses among others.
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