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Originally Posted by PST 88
I also find slap bass disgusting. It's revolting, unnatural, and an offense before man and God. All you people defending it are sinners destined for the fires and ice of hell!

Anyway, i'm not a bassist myself, but I agree that slapping is often an overused techinque. But it is somewhat interesting when applied to electric guitar...I don't understand why more people don't slap, especially in metal. You can get some pretty funky harmonics from slapping....not really a good technique to coast on, but nice for adding little textures to passages.

Actually, I think that can really be applied to any technique. Everything in moderation. Slap Bass is fine as long as it's not your main thing... Whats the point of playing an instrument if you're not going to be a well rounded player? It's pretty much the same with guitar, it would be pretty boring if everyone did tapping all the time.
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