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I got back from Cardiff today (early this morning) and i woke up with a stiff neck, sore throat and other aches and pains, which is usually a good sign.

I was impressed especially by Thine Eyes Bleed whos performance I really enjoyed.

In Flames were missing a guitarist who 'had to go home to take care of some shit' appparently, so they had a stand in guitarist from a band i cant remember who they said it was. Although they were good, in my opinion they were the worst there, thats not saying they were bad at all. Also Anders said something along the lines of the Welsh kicki more ass than the English or something, however I doubt even half the audience were Welsh as this stop on the tour is basically for the whole south-west of the UK.

CoB and Lamb of God were excellent, Lamb of Gods set didnt seem to last that long (a couple songs off their latest album Sacrament, and a few others, they opened with Ruin.)

Slayer played a few from Christ Illusion, but quite a bit of the classics (Raining Blood, Angel of Death, War Ensemble, Seasons in the Abyss, South of Heaven, Dead Skin Mask) tbh I would be pretty pissed off if they hadn't played the classics.

For me there was no bad things about this concert, apart from maybe my friend splitting some guys eyebrow and getting blood on his shirt
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