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Red face enter the nexus of hate

One day i sort of just became inspired to write this song below i think it turned out well and i would appreciate feedback, and i really mean that since most people don't usually reply. I think this song would sound great played in a "Kovenant" or "Dawn of Dreams" style. And i "MEAN" the dawn of dreams "DEATH METAL" band "NOT" the doom metal band!!!

"The Nexus of Hate"

As i emerg form this womb of lies,
nothing but fire burns in my soul.
As i am ever drawn towards,
THE flickering distance!!!

Mindless as a zombie i am,
and i shall always be
forever wandering towards
the burning distance!!!

And so i ask myself, "why only me?"
But the i finally see, we will all die one by one
As we face the deadly distance!!!

And now my journey ends, as i reach this void of death
the souls of a thousand men before me,
as i decend into this everflowing sodom.
And become forever trapped in this,

As i am torn apart, my body no more
a useless soul is what i've become.
as i am trapped within the walls of hate,
all the hate of mankind.

And so i bargain for my soul with the lord of the nexus,
but he claims my soul will never be free.
until i realize he does not hold the key,
to my exsitence.

Recollecting on his words i ponder,
of what it is that is keeping me here.
Then i finally realize, the NEXUS is no more than the insanity
within all our minds!!!!
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