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See? That's what I hate about music; you have to consider the audience. That's what turned me off to writing lyrics and words because it obligates you to consider your audience more than yourself. I know what your talking about, and that I'd be catering to a small audience, but the thing is I don't view music as something I need to cater to people. It's my moment to be selfish.

Nah, I think you are missing the point. It is about you, but you have to realize that by writing you are communicating and that your audience could be a couple of people, or it could be the entire fucking world. But don't let it stress you out. It's just something you have to keep at the back of your mind while you are writing, kind of like, when you are driving, you know that driving off the road might be fun for awhile, but if if you do it too long you might end up smashing into a tree or some fucking thing. You just have to know what boundaries will work for you.

By the way, I wanted to download your song but this isn't my computer so I can't do it. (Not that I don't trust you or anything, you know how this shit is with people and virus paranoia.) I'll try and check it out when I can.
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