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Originally Posted by low-tech
i do something similiar to the hihhat idea. i used 20" rides, its cool and if you are doing 26". i wish i could get my hands on rides that big.

the dualist itself isnt really a bad idea, i dont object to it or think less of folks who use it.

its just theres more to drumming than billionth note bass rolls.....if anything metal drumming would do better

1>dropping the trigger altogether, i cannot stress how fucking retarded triggers are.

2>accents,flams, broken up patterns within the context of the double kick.......very few drummers actually understand that since the double can act like another set of hands that they can actually play them to the full potential of what sticks can do...rudiments included. triggers make this impossible

3>overall dynamic orientated playing utilizing a double...........NOT PLAYING LIKE A DRUM MACHINE, as an aesthetic approach this is way overdone and has become the cookie cutter formula of how to play in a metal band.

4>substance over the technique obsession going around where speed and chops are what difines good playing.

basically, in a nutshell, noone really utilizes the double kick to its full potential, most just trigger and tap, no dynamics, no accents,nothing....they let a little module even everything out thereby nullifying the fact there is a bassdrum present, an acoustic instrument.....that is SUPPOSE to produce the sound.

im still working on the double, when im 80 and feel like i got the hang of it ill check out your 8 beater octopus pedal.

Yea, I agree with a lot of that - except I'd say you're talking more about death metal than metal drumming in general. I think there are plenty of metal drummers using more imaginative patterns and things (Thomas Haake, Bobby Jarzombek, even people like Chris Adler and Jason Bittner etc), but we tend only to really worship the ones with the constant fast 16th note rolls.

Too many metal people are and always will be obsessed by speed, sadly. No point me going over the same, tired old ground here - but the groove and dynamics you're talking about there are fading away.
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