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There would also be a timing issue, because on one foot you'd hit the toe at the same time as the heel on your other foot, and it would make one beat instead of two really fast ones. I don't seriously think this is ever going to be made, but I just thought you guys might like to know my ideas.
One time, I put two of those Gothic Radius cymbals together to make hi-hats, and these cymbals are like 26", so they made a really scary sound whenever I had them open completely. They were so heavy, I had to put a spring under my hat pedal to make them go up after I closed them. They're expensive, too, and you can bend them by hand to make different tones. But they're too heavy and really awkward to use, so I'll just stick with the 16" hats. Not 14", but 16". I go a little deeper than some drummers.
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