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thanks again. i have tried all of these methods and they all make sense.. plus more importantly, they work. in fact, davie's suggestion about going back a string and two notes toward the nut just made me realize that this stuff has been right under my nose all along.. a simple powerchord contains a root and a 3rd (and a 5th) and you can use that fingering to find pairs of thirds all over (minding the 2nd string). this thread is damn helpful.

EDIT: while i like the ease of applying the minor 3rd technique davie mentioned, it sounds different from the result i get when i calculate the 3rds of my riff based on the phrygian mode.. is this because the phrygian mode is relative to a major scale?

by the way, this guy's articles on intervals and modes are also kinda useful for theory beginners like myself:
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