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Originally Posted by howletus
So I am trying to learn a solo from one of my powertab songs. I'm trying to start it from where the solo begins but somewhere it's built in to the song to repeat sections A through D before before playing the solo (section E). How do I get it to start from a specific place and/or how do I remove whatever is telling it to repeat the first 4 sections?


Just put the cursor on the first note of the solo, then hit the play button that is second from the left.

If for some reason the solo is inside a weird repeat section, you can remove the repeats by clicking on the repeat sign and selecting the single vertical bar instead. If the repeat sign is the very first thing on a line, just put cursor on first note and hit the bar symbol on toolbar to change it.

Or, you can always just copy/paste the solo into new bars and do it that way.
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