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Originally Posted by Tattered
Erm.. dont sweat!

On a more serious note..

Use GHS fast fret every week to keep them clean and sounding new.. wash your hands before you play your bass, and wipe them down with a cloth after your finished playing.. thats all i can think of at the moment..

i have heard that if you clean your strings with metho you can getting them sounding like new. just take them off and soak them in it for 12-24 hours, wipe with a paper towel and leave to dry. it's meant to remove all the grease, dirt, skin and what not from your strings, but since it has no water in it your strings won't rust. effectively the only reason you'll need to replace your strings is because of fret wear(thats if it works though) i'll be giving it a try later, i'll tell ya how it goes.

also don't boil your strings in water to clean them
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