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Originally posted by walpurgis
Heh, I forgot I never really made a write up about the actual show when I went. And guess what? I'm too fucking tired to right now, so blow me.

A quick review would go as follows:

King's X was tolerable, and they were pretty talented, but they're not a band I'd listen to on my own on a regular basis.

Satriani proved once again that he could kick God's ass, even PST's God, the one that he claims has a bigger dick (wonder how he knows that... ).

Dream Theater, was, well, about what I expected them to be. Unimpressive. I like Disappear, and I like Silent Man, and they played neither, so fuck them.

I can't remember Satch's set list right now and I don't know the names of either of the other bands' songs, so that's all ya get.

Peace, Love and Lollipops
Fuck the Mexicans


hey did King's X play "Looking for love"? That song is awesome.

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