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Originally Posted by 4d5e6f
What tuner do you use? I use a cheap Korg GA-30 guitar and it only shows the standard BEADGBe on it, but it has a button called "flat" which lowers the tuning by 1 semitone (or 1/2 a step) per press. So basicly if I wanted to tune to D#, I press flat once. D is 2 presses, C# is 3, C is 4, B is 5 (but the tuner normally does B anyway). The tuner won't go as low as F, but if you wanted F# you could hit flat 5 times and tune to what it calls B. I can't even imagine playing in F or F# though. That's practically standard bass tuning. Way too freaking low.

About your in flames question, though I've never heard any of the band's songs, if playing them helps you improve your playing, by all means, play and learn them.

Also, you can get the tuner I use off musiciansfriend for $15 plus s&h.

Thanks for taking the time to help me!

I have a Seiko Guitar & Bass tuner (ST-727)

the tuner if you look in the pic, has the b and # on it but its not quite presise in terms of where to tune it on the guitar.

On it the 'note' will change which string your tuning, the 'mode' switches it from guitar to bass (to tune to C i switch it to bass) and pitch affects the 'Hz'
it starts off at 440Hz goes up to 446Hz and down to 435Hz, is this the 'flat' thing you were talkin about, that lowers it a semi tone?
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