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I feel like a real idiot haveing to ask this but how would i go about tuning to a band like In Flames, C F A# D# G C, the A# F and D# give me trouble, because 1. there is no 'F' on my tuner, and 2. to hit the A# and D# i was thinking i need to play a normal not but hold on to a note, its hard to explain but like lets say if i wanted to tune it to D# i hold down the 1st fret and tune to D for example, can anyone help me with this, im sorry again im kinda new to this.

As well as far as playing In Flames how would you rate them on playing level, beginner, easy, medium, hard, guitar god? i'd figure it to be somewhere in the medium to hard area, but they are my main focus in terms of learning right now.
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