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"Crisis" that had a female growler, I find them a bit boring though. Give em a listen as they might be more your thing

Agree they are boring as hell, but I did meet that chick one time and she was really fucking cool. Still, boring as hell.

I think that chick from Otep uses alot of effects on her voice & the bass dude helps out to get that growl. The thing about her is that she looks good & live while shes singing she acts like she is riding a cock. So its kind of entertaining. Otep would be a much better band without her because at times the music is pretty good but i cant handle that bitches high pitch scream & stupid poems about dudes & shit.

And I couldn't agree more. They have a few decent songs but if you put on one of their albums half of it is her reciting bad poetry about being molested. (And I'm guessing she's making that shit up.)
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