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Originally Posted by JOAMdude
That is more or less the scale i was trying to convey
but there is a nonsense scale shape that i like to use cuz it sounds great

0 H W+H H and if you keep repeating it


It sounds really cool even if it doesn't make any musical sense

That looks alot like a phrygian Dominant scale. If you want a cool sounding middle eastern scale that is what you're looking for. Listen to the album rust in peace by megadeth, and you will hear alot of phrygian stuff, especially in marty friedman's leads.

Also listen to Miserlou by Dick Dale. That song is pretty much a straight phrygian scale except that at the end of the scale, he plays the last note half a step flat.

Here's a tab of the scale in the key of A.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong....
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