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Originally Posted by Bones98

I think i read someone say they sound like Wormed; dude that vocalist sucks ass. That guy cant project at all, uses the same technique over and over, and his technique is lame. (all inhales being whispered in a microphone).
My suggestion is try not to sound so ultra guttural, cuz its fucking stupid, theres no power and sound totally montonous. Trust me, I seen alot of bands play live with that vocal style and it bores me to shit because their vocalist is trying to hard to whisper the most sewedgy sound yet all u hear is either feedback or someone basically whispering a conversation to u.

Well said dude. Inhales are a cheap excuse for lack of vocal talent in my opinion. A singer with an extremely limited vocal variety bores me, like you said. That's why I like Psycroptic, the singer is awesome, wide vocal range!
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