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Originally Posted by timedragon
ah, but dont get me wrong, i didnt say Nightwish was "viking". there is a fine line to be drawn when a band has folk, but nothing concerning vikings. Seeing as how Nightwish has lots of folk, and this thread topic didnt mention "viking", sure they can be included.

thats the way i do it, if they dont mention vikings but have folk... simply folk metal. so often it is put viking/folk, for many bands, but of coarse this doesnt work for, say, Amon Amarth, which has no folk at all.

well, this is the official folk metal thread, so i was including some of both....even though i didn't recognize blind guardian as either viking or folk, so i can't argue with ten ton alien's post to reprimand me. >.>

i think i want to add this glittertind, far, so good. even though that's rather a faerie of a name, there.

im in ur srvr
eatin ur dataz

Originally Posted by CannibalXampire
doom metal tries to invoke the feeling of being a really fat guy stuck in the trash compactor from Star Wars IV
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