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Originally Posted by mrs. malicious
ohh, viking metal....
my favourites are equilibrium, eluveitie, finntroll, blind guardian and nightwish, if they count {which, according to renowned viking metal connoisseur timedragon, they do}, recently heol telwen, and a few others that i can't quite remember how to spell at the moment. they may have been listed in here earlier, but i'll have to check back later 'cause it's 0518 and i should go to bed. <.<;;

ah, but dont get me wrong, i didnt say Nightwish was "viking". there is a fine line to be drawn when a band has folk, but nothing concerning vikings. Seeing as how Nightwish has lots of folk, and this thread topic didnt mention "viking", sure they can be included.

thats the way i do it, if they dont mention vikings but have folk... simply folk metal. so often it is put viking/folk, for many bands, but of coarse this doesnt work for, say, Amon Amarth, which has no folk at all.
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