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I have seen so many bands so many times, i am sick of them

Best bands I saw:

Iron Maiden (3 times)
Judas Priest (3 times)
Slayer 2 x
megadeth 2 x
cradle 3 x
Arch Enemy 4 x

I always went to graspop, one of the best metalfestivals, saw all the best of the best in couple of days. Every year a lot of the same bands come back.

The only band I wanted to see and I never saw was Deicide, I was supposed to see them here in Belgium, but then they cancelled. I actually took the day off for that one. Then they were supposed to play on Graspop festival, they cancelled that one too. Then they revisted Belgium with the new line-up, where did they play? The other part of the country

I once had the chance to see Metallica but ended up not going.
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