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Originally Posted by PST 88 - King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime That's my favorite from them.

Agreed. Though Angel Dust is pretty damn good too.

King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime (the one with Spruance) is also good and much darker. I distinctly dislike pretty much all the material written without Patton, including the album he first sang on. It's hard to imagine a more obnoxious song than 'Epic.'

Chuck Mosely's voice is pretty goddamn irritating, but they had a few good songs on their early albums. As for 'The Real Thing', yeah, it's not their best one with Patton (he sounds pretty whiny) but again, there are some good tunes on there. (Woodpecker From Mars stands out. Probably because Patton wasn't doing a Anthony Keidis impression.)
FNM really got interesting when they stopped trying to make songs that could become 'hits' and started doing whatever the fuck they wanted. I think the Mr. Bungle influence gets more obvious as they went along. (Especially on King for a Day.)
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