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I could make a list about 500 pages long. Just about every band seems to get to the point where they put out a disappointing album and it's all down hill from there. I'll list a couple:

Old School:
Metallica - The Black SHIT album,(Nice production on 'Justice' by the way..ekk)
Megadeth - Whatever that garbage is after Rust In Peace
Anthrax - Whatever that shit was after Among the Living
Testament - Whatever that shit was after Practice What You Preach (Fuck it, I like that album.)
Slayer can do no wrong, and fuck you if you disagree.

Middle School:
Napalm Death - Anything after Harmony Corruption with a few exceptions
Obituary - Anything after Cause of Death
Carcass - Anything after Necroticism
Entombed -Anything between Clandestine and Morning Star (TRSSASTT was ok.)
Sepultura - As someone already said, do I even have to say it?
Godflesh for breaking up....and fuck you if you disagree.
Morbid Angel and Death can do no wrong, and fuck you if you disagree.

New Bitches:
So far so good. With a few exceptions. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that I was disgusted with. Mostly it's the fuckers who have been around for a billion years who piss me off.

Random Shit
Tool: I don't even know what that crap after Aenema is supposed to be.
Primus: Let's just forget about the Brown Album and move on, ok?
Faith No More and Mr. Bungle: Can do no wrong, and a triple Fuck You if you disagree.

By the way:
Moe, I barely ever touch Prometheus, I dig IX Equilibrium though, Prometheus has its moments but definetly doesn't beg for replaying like the eariler stuff.

I don't get why people hate Prometheus so much. I actually like that album a lot. Granted. IX Equilibrium does blow, but Prometheus is pretty fucking good imo. None of them match Anthems by a long shot, but, oh well.
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