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Originally Posted by Soeru
Damn seems like overkill using a metal dist. pedal as a boost in a high gain amp. You generally get better sounds using a DS-1 or 2 in front of a medium-high gain amp, or another similar "non-brutal-metal" pedals like the ProCo Rat, Big Muff Pi, etc. Schuldiner used a DS-1 as a boost in front of his Marshalls, Satriani did the same til he started using his custom JSX. And well the fellows in Morbid Angel(and Obituary, as tons of oldschool bands) used to use/still use ProCo Rats as a boost in front of JCM900's.

Until Chuck got the 8100. That is the way to go for oldschool tone, but I still prefer having an amp that can do it without pedals.
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